Tuesday night League

Tuesday Night League players should use the portal below for weekly hole assignments, pairings and scoring. For pairing enter the portal and select “Tee Sheets” for weekly standings select “Results”.

The 2024 Tuesday night League will take place every Tuesday night at 5 PM for a total of 18 weeks, two 9 weeks sessions.

It will begin on Tuesday, May 1 and conclude on September 18 (July 4 week, no league) barring any rain dates. Two 9-week sessions.

Open to member/member, Member/ guest and Guest/Guest teams of two. The first 40 teams to register and pay will guarantee their spot in the league. Registration will initially be restricted to current 2024 Allendale members.

Registration begins February 7 for member/member teams and member/guest teams. Guest/guest teams will fill any spots still available.

Member/ Member entry fee will be $325 per Member, $650 per team.

Member/Guest entry fee will be $325 Member, $850 Guest, $1175 Per Team.

Guest/ Guest entry fee will be $850 per Player, $1700 Per Team.

Fee includes Golf, Cart fee, Driving Range, score cards and online scoring/ standings.

Each team will have two players designated as the main competitors.

Divisions will be decided by team handicaps, our goal is to have 4 divisions of 10 teams.

Each division will play 2 nine-week sessions. The winner from session 1 will play the winner from session 2. In the event the same team wins both sessions that team will be the Division Champion.

Upon completion of the 4 Division Championships, the 4 Division Champions will enter a bracket tournament to determine the overall TNL Champion.

Division 1 will play Division 4 and Division 2 will play Division 3. The winners of the first bracket tournament match will play an 18 hole match for the TNL overall Championship.


Teams will consist of two players with a maximum of two regular alternates (subs).

Divisions will be set by the combined index of players 1 and 2.

1 of the 4 players assigned to the team will be required to play for any match to count.

Please call or email the Pro Shop at Allendaleproshop@gmail.com by noon on Tuesday if you plan to have a sub play in your place.




Please see the Pro Shop if you have any issues with your ghin account.

All guests can receive a ghin handicap by visiting massgolf.com website. Once on the website click the registration link and select Allendale Country Club as your home course.


Competitors will play from tees based on the following formula for all tournaments unless noted otherwise.

Handicap Index + Age = Adjusted Tee

Adjusted Tee Definitions

White Tees – anyone with an Adjusted Tee Number of 71 and Below

White/Gold Tees – anyone with an Adjusted Tee Number of 72 to 79

Green Tees – anyone with an Adjusted Tee Number of 80 and Above

Green Tees – women

Handicaps will be adjusted for tees played.

Anyone can choose a tee further back than the Adjusted Tee Number allows.

Example, a 12.2 handicap who is 60 years old = 72.2, this person would be placed on the White/Gold Tees by the formula but can elect to White Tees if they prefer. They would not be able to play the Gold Tees.

The tees you select at registration will apply for the entire season. If you have any questions regarding the tee assignment formula or selection, please contact the pro shop before registration. When registering please visit the Allendale Tournament Corner page, scroll down to the 2024 tournament registration form. Go to select an event from the scroll down list, TNL and fill in the appropriate information.


Be ready to play every Tuesday night unless the pro shop notifies the league by email. If there is bad weather on the horizon, we will decide at game time. While on the course, if we call everyone in due to the weather, points will be awarded (in each bracket) by the least number of holes completed (min of 5) by each team.


The Pro Shop provides each team with a score card, please complete both cards and return to the blue box in the function room.

In the event that no players from any given team are able to play on any given week that team will be awarded -2 points for that week. The team that is playing the no show team will play their match against par.

Max points for any given week will be limited to 7.


If you have any questions as to handicaps, Bob.