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2024 Tournament Registration Form

2024 Tournament Information

Welcome to Tournament Corner. We have provided our 2024 tournament schedule for your reference and planning. The tournament registration form for all club tournaments is available below.  You can now signup for any tournament at any time. When using the tournament registration form its important that the form be filled out completely and correctly as this information that our staff will use to plan and execute our tournaments. Upon submission of a registration form you should see confirmation message on the page and receive an email confirming your registration. If you do not receive this email after one hour please contact pro shop staff to verify your registration status. If you have trouble registering or if you just prefer to register in person you can register for any tournament with our Pro Shop Staff.

Registrations close two weeks prior to an event.  All entry fees will be automatically billed to member golf accounts once registration has closed or full.  All member & guest golf registrations require a current USGA GHIN golf handicap to compete in any competitions.

Tees: Competitors will play from tees based on the following formula for all tournaments unless noted otherwise:

Handicap Index (GHIN) + Age = Adjusted Tee

Adjusted Tee Definitions

White Tees – anyone with an Adjusted Tee Number of 71 and Below*

White/Gold Tees – anyone with an Adjusted Tee Number of 72 to 79*

Green Tees – anyone with an Adjusted Tee Number of 80 and Above*

Green Tees – Women

Handicaps will be adjusted for tees played.

*Any player may choose to play from a tee further back than the Adjusted Tee Number allows.

Example: a 12-handicap player who is 60 years old = 72. This player can compete from the White/Gold Tees by the Adjusted Tee Definition, but may elect to play from White Tees if he or she prefers. This player would not be able to play the Green Tees.

Prize pay-outs: Prize distribution (pro shop credit) will be awarded to approximately the top 30% of the field, – gross and net. Prize distribution pay-out: 70 % to Net and 30% to Gross scores.

Carts: Carts are optional except as noted in several events.

USGA Rules apply for all events.

Note: Member Member teams, each Members Account will be charged independently. Member Guest Teams, the Members Account will be charged for both the Member and the Guest.

If you have any additional questions please call the Pro Shop at (508) 992-8682 ext 1.