Room Rental

The Room Rental is required to guarantee the date and time for all clients utilizing the Allendale Country Club Banquet Facilities. No “tentative” holds may be placed on banquet room rentals without this initial deposit and a signed contract. Room Rental The Club House Banquet Room is available for up to 150 guests. If you require room for a dance floor, the maximum number of guests to be seated comfortably would be 120 guests. The room rental is $500. The Outdoor Deck is available for up to 30 guests. The room rental is $500.00. The Outdoor Patio including the Pavilion area is available for up to 200 guests. The rental is $1000 and will include an exclusive bar, Mulligans. The Tavern is available to reserve and the rental ranges from 500.00 on a Monday or Tuesday, or $2000.00 on a Premium Day of (Friday or Saturday).

Cancellation Policy

Allendale Country Club Country Club prides itself in planning and facilitating professional events for all groups. In most cases, our staff maintains schedules well in advance of association or group commitment dates. In the event of a cancellation, it is unlikely another group can fulfill these dates, especially if cancelled close to the actual event date. To partially recognize lost time, it is agreed the following terms will be enforced: • Cancellation within 60 days of event – 100% of deposit/room rental will be refunded • Cancellation between 30-59 days of event – 50% of deposit/room rental will be refunded • Cancellation within 29 days or less of event – 0% of deposit/room rental will be refunded NOTE: The above terms will apply to cancelled events only but not rescheduled events occurring in the same year. It is the sole discretion of Allendale Country Club to determine if weather is cause for cancellation on the day of the event. If, in our opinion, an event must be cancelled you will have the option to reschedule another day.

Menu, Guarantee & Payment

Food policy All food and beverage arrangements (except for Specialty Occasion Cakes) MUST be provided by the Allendale Country Club Banquet Facility. Allendale Country Club will not provide additional to-go boxes for client’s allowing guest to take home desserts. Due to Board of Health Guidelines and to ensure proper handling of food items, any food provided buffet or family style not consumed will not be permitted to leave the premises. Any Special Occasion Cakes will require our staff to cut the cake and a cake cutting charge of $1.00 per person. Menu prices are subject to change based on product availability and the cost of the product. Menu prices do not include taxes or fees. Menu & Guests Count Menu and guest counts should be given at least 30 days in advance to your event date if possible or a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) if your event is less than 30 days away. The final guaranteed number of guests must be confirmed 10 days prior to the scheduled event. We prepare 5% above the guaranteed number. Absolutely no reductions in the guaranteed guest count will be accepted less than 10 days prior to the scheduled event.

Administrative Fee

A 20% Administrative Fee will be added to all events. The Administrative Fee is utilized by Allendale Country Club to cover operating expenses related to your function and does not represent a tip or a service charge for employees.

Taxes Per State of Massachusetts Regulations

All event services, food, alcohol, and fees are subject to a 7% State and Local Meals Tax. This tax is subject to change. Final payment Final payment for the guaranteed number of guests must be paid in full prior to the event based on the guaranteed number. The credit card on file with Allendale Country Club will be charged for the event cost in its entirety unless another form of payment is approved by management. All additional charges, including any additional guests, shall be paid immediately following dinner. An event manager/supervisor will verify the number of guests in attendance for each function. Please note we will require a credit card on file for any incidentals that may occur throughout the event that have not already been paid for by the client. This card will also be used for any additional fees related to cleaning or damages should they be required.

Rental Times

All events are given a 4-hour window with and additional hour of set-up for the client. Events requesting additional setup time will incur a fee of $125.00 for every additional hour requested. Afternoon luncheon availability between 11am – 4pm Evening events/receptions availability between 5pm – 11pm Morning functions can begin as early as 8:00am *Any additional times or changes must be pre-approved by the Event Manager in advance.

Bar Service

Allendale Country Club holds a license granted by the state of Massachusetts and is held responsible for complying with its regulations. No alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought onto or removed from the premises for distributions (example: liquor favors) in compliance with the Massachusetts State Liquor Law. Patrons under the age of 21 will not be allowed the service of alcoholic beverages and we also reserve the right to stop serving alcoholic beverages to anyone at any time.

Custom Linens

White table linen (85in x 85in square) and white linen napkins are provided in your room rental cost. Custom colored napkin linen: $1.10/ per piece Custom colored table linen: $12.96/ per piece **Ask to see our Standard linen options today! Specialty table and napkin linen options are available upon request; however, pricing is dependent on the linen provider, color, material, and sizing. All linen must be pre-ordered with our Event Manager 2-weeks prior to your scheduled event to guarantee a timely order placement and delivery of your preferred linens.


Please be advised that taping, tacking, nailing to the walls, ceiling, or paint is prohibited. No confetti or glitter. Use of any of prohibited decorations will result in a cleaning fee of $150.00 if not cleaned by the party. Any damages to the walls will be assessed and charged accordingly.

Photography, Entertainment, 3rd Party Vendors

Photography Clients agree that Allendale Country Cub may use images from the event for display, advertising, website, blog and magazine submissions and any other means of promotion of Allendale Country Club’s business. Clients waive any right to payment, royalties or any other consideration for the use of the images. Clients waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein Clients’ likeness appears. Allendale Country Club is hereby held harmless and released and forever discharged from all claims, demands, and causes of action which Clients have or may have by reason of this authorization. Outdoor Music/Entertainment Due to the proximity of Allendale Country Club to the local neighborhood, sound considerations are a concern. Although music (both live and recorded) is permitted, the music must be contained at an acceptable sound level so as not to disturb the local surrounding area. The Allendale Country Club event coordinator will help to establish acceptable sound levels. Any complaints from neighbors or other parties may require the levels to be reduced further. Allendale Country Club reserves the right to require Customer(s) to cease the music it deems inappropriate, in its sole discretion. Allendale Country Club also reserves the right to require the Customer(s) to lower the sound level or cease playing music, in its sole discretion. Note: Although we are situated on 165-acres, we are keenly aware that sound travels and do, therefore, make every attempt to be considerate of our neighbors’ privacy. Third Party Vendors If the Client wishes to hire outside vendors to provide any goods or services at Allendale Country Club during the event, Allendale Country Club requires that such vendor provide Allendale Country Club with proof of insurance coverage naming Allendale Country Club as an additional insured entity and amount of liability insurance reasonably satisfactory to Allendale Country Club, and an indemnification agreement between Allendale Country Club and the vendor. Client agrees that the Client and its vendors are exclusively responsible and liable for damages caused by their acts, omissions, equipment or any other cause.

Terms & Conditions

Damages The Allendale Country Club shall not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of items or articles brought onto the property or inside the facility. We acknowledge that as the undersigned, we assume all risks attendant with the operation of the golf carts, including responsibility for any and all damage caused to said cart due to negligent use of operation of the same. We will not allow children under the age of 18 to drive a golf cart. We acknowledge that as the undersigned, we assume all responsibility for any and all damage due to negligent use of the facilities and its outlying grounds. Guests of any event will not be allowed on the fairway or greens unless a golf package has been purchased. Indemnification Client hereby jointly and severally agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Allendale Country Club, harmless from all claims, suits, actions at law, judgments, liabilities, losses and damages (including attorney’s fees) arising from the use of Allendale Country Club Course property, however caused, including without limitations, any injury or damages resulting from negligent, careless, improper or unlawful conduct. Force Majeure The performance of this agreement by Allendale Country Club is subject to acts of God, war, government regulations or advisory, epidemics, disaster, fire, accident or other casualty, strikes or threats of strikes, labor disputes, civil disorder, acts and/or threats of terrorism, or curtailment of transportation services or facilities, or similar cause beyond the control of Allendale Country Club. Should the event be cancelled through a Force Majeure event, Allendale Country Club will allow for the event to be rescheduled, pending availability, with no penalty, and there shall be no further liability between the parties. Conditions of the Agreement Performance of the agreement is contingent upon the ability of Allendale Country Club management to complete the same, and is voidable in the event of labor dispute or strikes, accidents, government (Federal, State, or Municipal) requisitions, restrictions on travel, transportation, food, beverages, or supplies, and or other causes, whether enumerated herein or not, beyond the control of Allendale Country Club, preventing or interfering with the delivery of services required for the private function. In no event shall Allendale Country Club be held liable for other damages.