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Improve Your Game This Off Season Without Making a Single Swing


 To improve your golf score, requires more than just a good swing. You can’t overlook properly fitted equipment, a good short game, good health, flexibility and being able to adapt to different golf course conditions, weather and etc. But the way to improve this off-season is to learn how to control your mind and emotions. Golf is a mental game. Top players in the sport claim up to 90% of their results are based on their mental performance. Now does perfect thinking always give you excellent results, no but negative thinking can definitely produce poor results.

 Golf Course management is another part of the game to think about in the off-season. Emotions play a big role in managing your round on the course. Here are a few things you can do to help your course management.

 You must always have a procedure to follow to aim for a specific target.

 Concentrate on each shot from the moment you arrive at your ball. It takes about 20-30 seconds before you hit your shot, that’s the amount of time you will need to concentrate and focus on your shot. Keep your mind clear and focus on the task at hand.

 Visualize the shot you want to hit not the bad shot you might think your going to hit.

 When you hit a poor shot you have to forget it and move on, play the next shot. Shoot to the best of your ability try to continue this for 18 holes.

 Find a level spot on the tee. Always tee up on the side of trouble and hit away from it.

  When under pressure, play the shot you have the most confidence in.

 Play more conservatively in bad weather conditions and poor terrain.

  When your round is complete, review your good shots and then do the same for your bad shots. This will help you prepare for your next round.

 Learning the mental side of the game this winter will definitely improve your game next season.

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